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Our planet's environmental clock is ticking. Most countries in the world today are living well beyond their ecological means. If we wish to continue our much-needed economic expansion without further decimating our environments and resources, it can only be done by shifting to more efficient 'green growth' methods and technologies.

Rising oil prices and electricity costs, plus the ever-growing energy needs of technologically developing countries, have significantly increased the need for renewable energy systems. In addition, waste disposal is becoming an urgent issue for most of the densely populated areas across the planet. Landfills have historically been the disposal option of choice because they were originally less expensive than the alternatives. However, landfills generate methane, a potent greenhouse gas, in addition to the risks of contamination of soil and water. Moreover, landfills require fuel for hauling the waste.

Sustainable advanced waste conversion technology (systems that convert waste to energy) presents the solution to all these dilemmas. This technology drastically reduces the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere, while creating a renewable fuel that reduces our reliance on foreign oil. What policymakers need to realize is that solid waste is actually a highly valuable resource, that should not be buried.

Most solid waste consists of carbon in one form or another. Currently, the atmosphere is a carbon sink, and global warming is due, in part, to greenhouse emissions. To capture this carbon by using a sustainable technology that can convert it to value-added products (such as fuel and electricity) not only makes economic sense, but is a vital ecological necessity.

EDCI's technologies facilitate the efficient, pollution-free conversion of most types of waste streams (such as medical waste, municipal solid waste and sludge, other "bio-masses" including both plant and animal waste products, and all forms of manure, wood and other cellulose-based materials, as well as scrap tires and coal) into usable energy sources, either in the form of electricity, or as synthetic, carbon-based fuels such as diesel, petrol and jet fuels.

While other waste-to-energy (W2E) and bio-energy processes to date have generally been too inefficient and/or prohibitively expensive to be viable, EDCI W2E solutions are based on modular engineering concepts and proprietary processes that provide customizable, pollution-free solutions to a wide variety of waste and energy challenges.  EDCI also has the potential to retrofit existing coal, diesel and hydro facilities, saving the time and expense of building from scratch.

We collaborate with various partners globally to market, plan, develop, install and operate EDCI W2E solutions. With an emphasis on quality services provided by trusted professionals, we're positioned to establish ourselves as the premier source of W2E services and technologies, both in the US and worldwide.

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