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Management Approach:

  • To establish project cost schedules with detailed milestones.
  • To establish a cost of work breakdown outline to track the cost of each element.
  • Bench testing to ensure no surprises in the field.
  • A team approach to all projects.
  • Management staff and employees who can perform multiple functions.
  • To continue the quest for new technologies and incorporate the most viable ones in order to keep EDCI on the cutting edge.

Jeff Pryor

For over 20 years, Mr. Pryor has been responsible for developing tremendous growth in marketing, sales and sales management in the electronic component and electronic production equipment industry. For the past six years, he's been the owner and manager of a consulting and integration security company, specializing in video surveillance, access control and general security systems for commercial properties, government agencies and school districts. Mr. Pryor holds a bachelor's degree in marketing, and a master's degree in business administration, with a major in technology management. His strong leadership and business generation skills are now focused on the development of EDCI.

Dr. Jan Pryor
CEO and VP: International
Enterprise Development

Dr. Pryor recently served as director of research for the Fiji School of Medicine (FSMed), and as associate director of the Micronesia Human Resource Development Centre (MHRDC). He previously served as an assistant professor of family practice and community health at the University of Hawaii's Pacific Basin Medical Officers' Training Program in Pohnpei. In addition to his medical career, Dr. Pryor is also a successful business entrepreneur, with both for-profit (e.g., Pohnpei Waste Management Services, Pacific Health Enterprises) and non-profit (e.g., MHRDC) enterprises in the Pacific island countries. Dr. Pryor holds degrees in both biology and medicine, and a master's degree in public health. His experience in the health and science industries, as well as in the development and operation of successful business ventures in developing countries, are valuable assets to EDCI.

Patrick S. Luedke
CFO & Treasurer

Patrick has over 30 years of experience in the Accounting, Financial Management and Operations of public and privately held companies. He has served in the capacity of Vice President of Finance, Chief Financial Officer and General Manager for many successful San Diego based manufacturing and software development companies. He assisted several San Diego companies in a successful turn-around and a start-up company to become recognized by Deloitte and Touche as One Of The Fastest Growing Companies In The Nation In 2004 (#177). He has successfully developed and implemented numerous accounting and internal control systems, software installations and conversions including financial and management reporting systems. All have provided positive results in controlling operation costs, cash management, profitability, including increased accuracy and timeliness of financial reporting.  Patrick earned his BS in Accounting from Mankato State University located in Mankato, Minnesota back in the early 1970’s, and has kept his knowledge base honed with courses at Arizona State University and several local San Diego area colleges and universities. He is a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor which allows him to assist small and medium sized businesses with their business challenges and opportunities.

Don Kalland
Senior VP of Marketing &
Business Development

Mr. Kalland serves EDCI's worldwide project and business development initiative, following 35-years of industrial and commercial marketing, sales, and engineering success as an independent contractor, generating new business for US companies to a wide variety of industries and markets. He leads the current sales strategy for the company. Before joining EDCI, Mr. Kalland consulted to WTE marketers, and developed a plan for selling a .NET sequel server based XML software communications program in California that was designed to provide real time information to multiple market users. He also produced new sales and service materials, brochures, training, presentation guides, E-commerce enabled web sites, public and private order online programs for a 3M Abrasive Products distributor. He spent 20 years as an associate contractor for Thomas Register, where he developed strategy, market planning & execution to a variety of industrial B2B companies.  Mr. Kalland's industrial background includes metalworking manufacturing, factory automation and related machinery produced systems for aerospace, government, metal/plastic fabrication and production industries world-wide. He has designed and built multiple machine-tool servo control systems (hydraulic & electronic) used to semi-automate various machinery & worked to improve original equipment tolerances. At Grumman Aerospace, Propulsion dept., he was awarded “Employee of the Month” for a tool design used on the F-14 and the Lunar Module. Mr. Kalland is a Graduate of Nassau College with a major in Economics; and was honorable discharged from the USAF E-5, as a flight line top mechanic and field trainer.

Terry McCabe
Project Development

Upon completing his studies at Marshall University and Ohio State, Mr. McCabe served in the United States Navy where he received an honorable discharge in 1986. During his civilian career, Terry has been at the forefront of several emerging technological fields.  From 1988 until 1997 he progressed from Field Sales Management to Vice-President of Sales for Vital LaserType and Linographics, which were two of the top VAR’s in Apple computers prominent rise in the printing, clothing and design industries. Between 1997 and 2001 Mr. McCabe held the position of Sales Manager for Rancho Santa Fe Security, one of the largest privately held full-service security firms in San Diego County. In 2001 Terry was named National System Sales Manager and Project Development Manager for CyberARC, an arm of the digital video powerhouse cVideo (formerly named Cubic Video Com). His duties included providing liaison co-operation and planning with various large U.S. based corporations including AT&T and Verizon. He also became the point man on many programs involving DOD projects that required multi-faceted computerized integration systems. From 2005 until 2009 he developed integrated security projects between Remote Surveillance Technologies and Advanced Security Technologies. These programs required developing computerized integrated system solutions for deployment in educational and military installations.

Michael Keller
Secretary &
Government Liaison

Mr. Keller has specialized in marketing and financial development for various publicly traded corporations in international markets, working in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Commerce. He's also served as the liaison for developing industrial manufacturing sites, working with the legal departments of international, local and federal governments to obtain permits and build support staff for the sites. In addition, Mr. Keller has extensive expertise in importing commodities and working with both U.S. and international import/export regulations. Mr. Keller's vast experience in working with various international governments' local regulations, legal departments and import/export facilities, as well as his background in manufacturing site development, provide valuable assets for EDCI. Mr. Keller holds a degree in forestry and land management.

Daniel Bender
ITC Manager

In addition to a decade spent working for a number of major broadcasting outlets (including CNN and the Disney Channel), Mr. Bender has both founded and assisted many start-up companies over the course of his career. He was founder and president of Cupid's Network, Inc., a software dating service started in 1990. The company developed matchmaking software for Helena VIP, a former matchmaking service in Beverly Hills, California. Cupid's Network, Inc. then teamed up with Automated Communications Corporation of Michigan to develop a sophisticated 900 number IVR system for the singles market. They also developed and maintained a database software system for an alternative lifestyles magazine publisher. In 1995, the company created two websites that eventually became leaders in the singles industry: American Singles (, originally based on the non-profit American Singles organization; and Cupid's Network, a directory listing over 2,000 singles websites. Cupid's Network was acquired by Match Net, PLC (now Spark Networks) in May, 1999, for $3.6 million. Shortly after selling his company to Match Net, Mr. Bender helped the firm to create and operate a German version of American Singles called ( Since 1995, he's also been operating the website, as a public service.

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