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W2E Technology's Primary Benefits:

What are the usable forms of energy and other outputs produced from EDCI's W2E conversion process?

  • Syngas (CO+H) from gasification.
  • Electricity resulting from combustion of the clean gas in turbines.
  • Synthetic carbon-based fuels from the slurry reactors (e.g. sulfur-free diesel, petrol and jet fuels).
  • Inorganic fly ash residue has value as an additive for fertilizers and cement.  Due to its inert nature, it can be landfilled without posing any harm to the environment.

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Additional Advantages of EDCI’s W2E Solutions:

  • No ground, air or water pollution from the waste stream. Gasifier process utilizes the world’s super low NOx burners reducing CO2 exhaust stack emissions by 90% or more when compared to other systems.  Using a "closed loop" system, organics or hydrocarbon waste materials being gasified inside the feed tubes never come in direct contact with the burner’s flame so combustion chamber CO2 emissions meet and exceed the toughest EPA standards in any part of the world.  
  • Less need for land-filling. Doesn’t require land that can be used for other purposes.
  • Less dependence on fossil fuels.
  • Facilities will create employment stimulus to support the biofuel industry.
  • Great potential for green energy tax credits and fiscal incentives.
  • The ability to gasify multiple waste streams concurrently after automated removal of metals, rocks and glass (allowed by a proprietary formulation process prior to gasification).
  • Modular engineering, built-in redundancy of key modules, and common maintenance and replacement parts limit down-time and help to maintain energy production efficiency.
  • Clean green energy as gas for electricity and various bio-fuels can be produced in an environmentally safe and efficient manner to help meet growing market demands.


The Market for
EDCI W2E Solutions:

There is an enormous global market for environmentally sound renewable energy solutions. The existing Phase I technologies...

  • Have been proven
  • Are permissible (international, state and local permits are obtainable)
  • Can be marketed and fabricated NOW!

Emerging Phase II technologies with even greater efficiencies are currently in development, ensuring that EDCI will continue to define the cutting edge in W2E standards.

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