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Our Mission:


Save Global Energy


Convert All Waste into Usable Energy


Introduce technologies that reduce CO2 emissions


Nothing into the Ground, Air or Water


Reduce dependency on Fossil Fuels


EDCI is using New Technologies to solve waste problems...

Are you finding that your power requirements are exceeding the production ability of your existing plants? Are they not capable of producing enough power for your projected future needs? Is their production capacity falling off? Are they requiring too much maintenance? Putting out too much toxic waste?

Are you running out of room for your garbage? Landfill is full and overflowing? Are you experiencing ground, air and/or water contamination? Do you need to clean up your landfills?

Are you tired of fossil fuel dependency? Tired of having to import fuel? Fed up with spiraling fuel prices?

Is there a shortage of potable water? Do you need pure water for human consumption, livestock, and/or crops?

Energy Dynamics Corporation International: We bring together state-of-the-art gasification technology that can take your MSW (Municipal Solid Waste), coal, tires, bio waste (manure), etc. and convert it to gas to run an electric generator/turbine or liquid fuels (diesel, jet fuel, unleaded gas, etc.), to power cars, trucks, boats, planes, farm tractors, etc.

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